Nariman Memedeminov

imprisoned for

Nariman Memedeminov was born on May 7, 1983, in Leninsk, Uzbekistan. In 1991, the family returned to Crimea, to the village of Frontovoye, Sevastopol district. There Nariman finished school. In 2008, he got a degree at the Faculty of International Economics at the Ternopil National Economic University. In 2005 he married Lemara. They have a daughter and two sons. Nariman was very active in the social life of his region. He organized religious holidays, participated in all events.

Since 2014 Nariman was active in human rights activities, became a citizen journalist, media coordinator of the "Crimean Solidarity" initiative. He repeatedly faced repression and received threats. In 2016, Memedeminov's house was searched, during which they tried to plant "banned" literature. In 2017, Nariman was fined 20 thousand rubles for allegedly participating in an unsanctioned rally - he was reporting on the search in the house of activist Seidamet Mustafayev. On March 22, 2018 again the search in the house of Memedeminov in the village Kholmovka of the Bakhchisarai district. The activist was detained and charged under Part 2 of Article 205.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation - "Public calls to commit terrorist activities, public justification or propaganda of terrorism". On October 2, 2019, Nariman was sentenced to 2 years and 6 months in a settlement colony. He served his sentence in full and was released on September 21, 2020.

Lemara Memedeminova soon told: "Here you look into the eyes of the children - the ones whose father was taken away - and it's just enough to understand this lack of paternity in the children specifically. With their father's arrival, their eyes are different. They burn. They're always in a good mood. Before that it was difficult: it was difficult to explain to them, it was difficult to tell them why that happened. They still didn't understand why it was so - when a person doesn't do anything wrong and they can put him in prison.